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Threshold (Don Berman, Heather Bentley, Dennis Rea, Simon Henneman) are thrilled to open for our MoonJune Records label mates, PAKT, a supergroup made up of legendary bassist Percy Jones (Brand X, Brian Eno), guitarists Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Tim Motzer, and drum phenom Kenny Grohowski (Brand X, John Zorn).

Stunned to be opening for Tony Levin, perhaps the most sought-after bassist of his era (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Lou Reed, and on anon), in his Band of Brothers formation featuring sibling Pete on keyboards, jazz drum legend Joe LaBarbera, and Joe's saxophonist brother Pat. I'll kick things off with an acoustic set of originals and world-music permutations with my longtime Moraine mate James DeJoie on flute and clarinet.

$25 advance

Vaalbara • Charley Churchill and the Heathens

Backfire Moto, 7701 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle

Named for one of earth's most ancient subcontinents, VAALBARA was formed by longtime Seattle music scene veterans Dennis Rea and Peter Comley (guitars), Ffej (vocals, electronics), Cary Kindberg (bass, vocals), and Doug Wilkerson (drums) to perform lesser-known gems from the psychedelic/space-rock era. The band's mind-expanding set - featuring tunes by such pathbreakers as former collaborator Nik Turner, very early Floyd, Captain Beyond, Amon Duul II, and more - bursts with heavy riffage, swirling kosmische textures, and outlandish lyric themes, rocketing listeners back to the days of the underground.

Moraine continues to unveil new tunes, alongside Bellingham's Spine Readers, Charley Churchill and the Heathens, and the debut of DR's psych-rock cover band Vaalbara, featuring Ffej on vocals and electronics, Peter Comley and DR on guitars, Cary Kindberg on bass, and Doug Wilkerson on drums.